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Whether our translators or offices assistant, they are the talents we screen out scrupulously, so that you can sleep more soundly when entrusting your translation needs to us. At Echo, we believe that our team is your team. And you, our valued customers, deserve the best.
We do not necessarily seek the most experienced or people from top schools. Rather, strong sets of knowledge and skills combined with proper work attitudes and ethics count the most among our selection criteria. Our translators undergo both rigorous tests and extensive training to ensure that they possess a next-to-flawless understanding of the source language. At the same time we also, require and foster their outstanding writing skills in the target language as well.
Furthermore, we ensure you that our staff is not only able to translate their material true to the original - it also reads smoothly and naturally. Some of our customers often tell us in competitive bids that our translation was the only one that “did not feel like a translation”.
Still, a translation team is only as good as the best of its members. And that is why we have invested heavily in putting together a team of full-time in-house master checks - probably the largest and most impressive in Asia – combining both outstanding reviewing skills with expertise in a wide range of fields to match most translation needs you may ever encounter. For a non-exclusive list of the fields in which we regularly accept assignments, you may consult our list of services. Unlike most agencies in China not only we rely almost exclusively on OUR TEAM of full-time in-house translators and master checks but also we occasionally use free-lance resources and long-term alliances to complement our expertise, we believe that only full-time translators can deliver reliable services and consistent quality. When one of our Project Managers undertakes one of your assignments, they immediately somewhat become Your Project Manager. They are responsible and fully empowered to communicate your needs to the rest of our organization so that we can all work towards your customer satisfaction.
Our Project Manager will act as your one-stop single window to minimize the occurrence of miscommunication. And because they know your requirements first hand, they are best suited to oversee all logistical and proofreading issues such as pick-up and delivery, file transfers, formatting, translation memory maintenance, binding, file management and security.
We value the contribution of all of our staff from our telephonist to the top management, from our Translation to the After-sales department. All of us, work as a body to support our translators and project managers in delivering solutions that increase your customer satisfaction.

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