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Document Translation Business
Accounting, legal work, training texts, e-Learning, standards, marketing, etc.
Manufacturing techniques, energy, environment, high-technology, materials, frontier fields, etc.
Semiconductors, semiconductor materials, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and semiconductor test equipment
Heavy-duty, automobiles, auto parts (engine drive trains, electric components, environment, safety, communications), etc.
Pharmaceutical and Medical
Medical science, pharmaceutical science, chemistry, biology, bioscience, drug manufacturing, medical equipment, veterinary medicines, agricultural chemicals, etc.
Banking, bonds, financial services, non-life insurance, life insurance, etc.
Various types of contracts (license agreements, confidentiality agreements, sales agreements, etc.), legal proceedings, etc.
Interpreting Our services include simultaneous, consecutive, escort, whispering and multilingual interpretation in the most frequently required languages. Our professional interpreters provide all kinds of on-site linguistic services in line with customers' needs. In addition to commerce-related events, Echo also provides interpreting services for trade shows, large-scale conferences, training courses and technical exchange. For large-scale conferences and long-term assignments, Echo can also arrange interviews, so that customers can choose the most suitable interpreter(s) for their specific needs.
Website Localization Echo also provides website/homepage translation services. We can produce new versions of your existing homepages in other languages. All you need to do is provide us with your web address and the graphics files; we then provide comprehensive services covering everything from HTML scripting, JavaScript, CGI, page layout, hyperlinks and animation, through to graphics processing.
With a knowledge and appreciation of local culture and Internet marketing, we apply the most advanced Internet technology and ideal wording to take your website to the whole world or simply bring it to the Greater China region. With our worldwide alliances and partners we can offer a complete multi-lingual solution and that is why we say Echo “Helps You Localize, Helps You Globalize".
Audio-Video Solutions We provide translation, script typing, subtitling, dubbing and system transfer services for many different types of audio and video, including education and training programs, presentations for pharmaceuticals, and other products. For such assignments, source language and target language native translators work together to ensure the accuracy of the translation. Subtitling and dubbing are both also performed by experts.

Our translation service covers

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