Quality Standards | FAQ
Q:What is the basis for translation fee calculation?
A:We essentially use source language word counts as the main basis for translation fee calculation. However, word counts can only serve as one guideline in estimating document translation fees; the nature and type of document, level of difficulty, and delivery time requirements are all factors considered in our calculation. Word counts can only serve as the main principle for quoting when it comes to consecutive text or description documents. In addition, word counts are only suitable for certain types of electric documents, such as WORD,EXCEL,PDF,POWERPOINT, etc.

We suggest you obtain a precise and formal quotati any of the following methods:
1. Enter your contact information in the quick contact field on our homepage.
2. Contact us during office hours at: +86 (592) 5139400~5552082.
3. Upload your requirements and document files the online quotation system on our website. We will contact you shortly after receiving your contact information or your document.

Q:Why is our quotation based on source language word counts rather than based on Chinese characters like most other translation suppliers?
A:It is a generally well-accepted practice within the translation industry worldwide that fee calculation should be based on source language word counts. This method facilitates customers' budget control by enabling them to know their required investment upfront, and is essential for quality translation.

Q:What are the source file formats that can be accepted for translation?
A:Basically, all file formats based on commercial applications of MS Windows for office and desktop publishing, or drawing tools can be accepted for translation. When it comes to more uncommon software applications, we try our best to accommodate your requirements.

Q:In which specific fields can Echo undertake document translation?
A:We regularly translate documents from the following fields: law, business, international trade, finance, the IT industry, communication, engineering, medicine, etc. Our translator team keeps expanding and we are gradually increasing our areas of expertise. If you need any translation from a field not listed above, please contact us to confirm whether your subject falls within our service coverage.

Q:How much time is generally needed for translation?
A:Generally speaking, the daily output of a translator is approximately 2000-3000 words or characters in the source language. To the extent that time permits, we recommend designating a single translator for a whole job to ensure higher quality as well as consistency of wording and style. Nevertheless, if you need the job done in a shorter time span, please contact us for the best solution given your situation.

Q:What are the qualifications and capabilities of your translators?
A:Echo makes very high-quality translators recruited according to stringent standards and whom undergo regular ongoing training. We believe that translation requires a high-level of professionalism that goes beyond simple language capabilities. Apart from linguistic abilities, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the specific field are also necessary.

Furthermore, we believe that good translators are made rather than born with innate abilities and that is why we devote considerable amount of time to developing translation skills. Therefore, after joining Echo, every translator undergoes regular training to absorb new knowledge in order to meet our customer demands for high-quality translation.

Q:How do we keep your documents confidential?
A:Echo takes confidentiality issues very seriously. if deemed necessary, we may enter into specific confidential agreements with customers who require it. So that documents are not available to those without a need to access them and documents from clients are encrypted before processing begins. Personnel unrelated to the project simply cannot open the files.


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