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  We Don’t Promise What We Can’t Deliver,
We Deliver What We Promise

At Echo, we thrive on your Long-Term Customer Satisfaction so we would rather lose business than compromise our reputation and integrity. If we do not believe we can satisfactorily meet your expectations for quality translation in a certain field, time or for a given project because some reason unexpected, we will tell you upfront and we shall decline your request to undertake such an assignment.

  Precise Quotation Based on Source Language
We assess each document or project based on an extensive list of criteria such as word counts, type, field, difficulty level, delivery time, DTP work required, etc. At Linguitronics, we do not normally provide estimates, our quotations are the exact amount expected for the transaction. Furthermore, in line with international practices, our quotations are prepared considering the source language word counts, NOT Chinese characters. Most translation agencies in China charge per number of characters in the final translation into Chinese, this means only an estimate can be provided upfront and agencies are in a conflict of interest between quantity and quality, as they may purposely make a translation lengthier than it should be.

  We Do Not Use Your Company to Advertise without Your Consent
As part of a group of companies whose reputation is no longer to prove
, we do not need to use your company to establish our credibility. We protect the brand names of our customers and do not falsely claim past relationships with prestigious companies unless we have specifically obtained their prior consent.

  Confidentiality & Copyrights Protection
We protect your Intellectual Property Rights and know-how. We assume confidentiality from the very beginning of our communication with customers. We apply the utmost care in recruiting ethical personnel to work full-time and mostly in-house for us. All of our employees have signed confidentiality agreements and only staff required to work on a given translation project have access to related materials.

  Code Of Professional Conduct And Business Practices
We abide by the Code Of Professional Conduct And Business Practices elaborated by the American Translators’ Association (ATA). As a responsible member of our community we would also like to promote the use of such a code of conduct by making it better known and more readily available. We welcome our counterparts from other translation agencies to download this code of conduct and strive to upgrade standards throughout the whole industry in China.

  Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices
I. As a Translator or Interpreter
a bridge for ideas from one language to another and one culture to another, I commit myself to the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior, and business practices.
A. I will endeavor to translate or interpret the original message faithfully, to satisfy the needs of the end user(s). I acknowledge that this level of excellence requires:
1. mastery of the target language equivalent to that of an educated native speaker,
2. up-to-date knowledge of the subject material and its terminology in both languages,
3. access to information resources and reference materials, and knowledge of the tools of my profession,
4. continuing efforts to improve, broaden, and deepen my skills and knowledge.
B. I will be truthful about my qualifications and will not accept any assignments for which I am not fully qualified.
C. I will safeguard the interests of my clients as my own and divulge no confidential information.
D. I will notify my clients of any unresolved difficulties. If we cannot resolve a dispute, we will seek arbitration.
E. I will use a client as a reference only if I am prepared to name a person to attest to the quality of my work.
F. I will respect and refrain from interfering with or supplanting any business relationship between my client and my client's client.

Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices
II. As an employer or contractor of translators and/or interpreters

I will uphold the above standards in my business. I further commit myself to the following practices with translators and interpreters:
A. I will put my contractual relationship with translators and interpreters in writing and state my expectations prior to work.
B. I will adhere to agreed terms, payment schedules, and agreed changes, and will not capriciously change job descriptions after work has begun.
C. I will deal directly with the translator or interpreter about any dispute. If we cannot resolve a dispute, we will seek arbitration.
D. I will not require translators or interpreters to do unpaid work for the prospect of a paid assignment.
E. I will not use translators' or interpreters' credentials in bidding or promoting my business without their consent or without the bona fide intention to use their services.
F. For translations for publication or performance over which I have direct control, I will give translators recognition traditionally given authors.
As Amended by the ATA Board of Directors March 2002

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